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GLOBALi Car Identification System Helps Prevent Car Theft

GLOBALi Theft Deterrent is an ideal solution to protect your vehicle from theft.  The reason is simple: it works. What is GLOBALi and how does it work? It all comes down to preventing theft through the use of unique theft identification labels, and the Vehicle Registry & Recovery Network (VRRN). GLOBALi is installed at participating automotive dealerships. It is a remarkable system that helps prevent theft and is a valuable tool able to help bring thieves to justice.

GLOBALi Theft Identification Labels

When GLOBALi set out to develop a theft deterrent product, they started with technology developed through forensic sciences. The GLOBALi Theft Identification labels are placed in ten strategic locations throughout the vehicle and two window decals. While it may be easy enough to peel off a label, it’s substantially more difficult to remove the chemical trail they leave behind. Using a frequency specific ultra-violet light, law enforcement can easily identify the unique GLOBALi theft ID number. Once identified, the unique theft ID number can be used to search through the Vehicle Registry & Recovery Network (VRRN) to determine the true VIN of the vehicle and assist with tracing the vehicle back to the dealership it was purchased from, and the rightful owner.

GLOBALi Theft Deterrent, Vehicle Registry and Recovery Network

Joining the network is simple and can help ensure that recovered vehicles aren’t left in an impound lot for extended periods of time. The Vehicle Registry & Recovery Network (VRRN) unites vehicle owners, dealerships and law enforcement as a shared resource to help fight against auto theft. The VRRN is a growing network that has over five million registered vehicles in the database.
GLOBALi Theft Deterrent program is a system that is revolutionary in that it simplifies the process of tracking down owners of stolen vehicles and helps to prevent theft from occurring in the first place.




Many dealerships across Canada are part of the GLOBALi network for a single reason: it works. Dealers know that the value added through the GLOBALi program is well worth the nominal fee involved. The best dealers in the industry will describe the advantages of the system and explain that in the event of theft, victims can receive up to $4,000 in addition to the payments received from regular automotive insurance. The benefit reimbursement does vary provincially; contact a customer care representative at 1-888-291-9991 for more information.


In addition to installing the GLOBALi Theft Deterrent product on the vehicle inventory, dealerships act as a vital step in the networking process. Recovered vehicles are frequently tracked back to the dealership they originated from.


GLOBALi: Prevention and Recovery


When it comes to auto theft prevention and recovery, there’s only one name in the industry. GLOBALi is one of the largest and most sought-after vehicle registry and recovery networks in North America. From the unique branding labels to the evolutionary Global Vehicle Registry & Recovery Network (VRRN), there’s simply no better option available. Visit or call a customer care representative at 1-888-291-9991 to learn how this extraordinary program can help protect your vehicle from theft and help recover it in the unlikely event that it is stolen. It’s a simple step that can help prevent many headaches down the road.


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